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High Quality and Advantageous Solutions in Feed Industry

Feedtech is a family-owned company that has 50 years of experience in animal feeding and feed industry.

Feedtech had began serving about animal feeding in 1969 as one of pioneer companies in Turkey. Between 1969-1997, it produced high quality animal feeds in two different locations. Since 1998, Feedtech keeps producing feed machines and factories on a turn key basis.

During this period of time, Feedtech had arrangements with three companies from The Netherlands and started developing licenced products and factories. Today Feedtech has it's own company, named “Feedtech International BV”, which is in The Netherlands and supported by R&D studies and produces under the trade mark of “Feedtech”.

Feedtech is one the biggest companies to sell all around the world, more than twenty countires, especially in Europe. One of the newest facilities take place in Ireland. With this new factory; pet food producing and selling operations in Europe becomes more important for Feedtech.

Not only in live stock, poultry and aqua feedings, Feedtech also sets factories about pet foods, flake facilities and whole soy oil.

Since 1998, producing pet foods and marketing of these products became Feedtech's another success.