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Bagging Automation

Bagging is started by setting the number of bags and bag weight.

System can print labels but no label printer now in the contract. This is a separate off line activity, controlled by somebody who is responsible for labels. Data should come from raw materials, recipe and production data like manufacturing order number and production date. Only MO info and date/time needs to be printed at the last moment. Labels to print and added to the bags upfront.

Finished product silos are “controlled” by central operator. Giving allowance to empty, report it as empty so it becomes available as new destination silo.

Big Bags

It is possible to send product into big bags using transfer commands. If the amount of transfer is too large a warning is given.

Bulk Unloading

It is possible to send products to bulk unloading. System measures the amount unloaded using the scale.

Product Labelling

Bag labels indicating product, production date and time, raw materials used, raw material supplier and other traceability information are produced and printed. A label printer might be necessary for this purpose

  • Developed for single and double standard bagging machines used in feed factories.
  • PLC control system.
  • Touchpad with operator panel.
  • The high-performance weight control module allows accurate weighing in jarring environments.
  • Capacity (ideal conditions, single bag): 6 bags (50 kg) / min, 50 gr per bag
  • Bag weight can be set between 15 kg and 55 kg.
  • The desired bag name can be set.
  • Fault tolerance can be set. The operator is warned when the tolerance goes out.
  • Optionally communicate with PC and provide reporting.
  • Can be integrated with factory automation system.