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Biofuel (Wood Pellet)

FEEDTECH is a professional manufacturer of Pelleting Machinery and Process Plants for the Biomass and Feed Industry. As the demand for Biomass fuels increases in particular wood pellets it is important to purchase the correct specification of equipment and not to fall fowl of costly mistakes. We at Feedtech with our International partners have worked together to produce Pelleting equipment of the highest quality and reliability. Having supplied many units and plants throughout the World we have gained the valuable Knowledge and experience needed to Supply your Complete Biomass Pelleting Facility.

is Biomass so Important?

There is a rapidly growing need for environmentally friendly fuel in large-scale power stations and in the private market as a result of the Kyoto protocol. An alternative fuel solution for saving money, reducing oil dependency and helping save the planet and its natural recourses. Feedtech helps you to fuel your business in an environmentally friendly way by designing solutions for wood/waste grinding, pelleting, pressing, cooling, filtering, conveying and storing since Biomass pellets are now known to be a high value, high energy and high heat producing fuel and a sustainable alternative to the Worlds traditional fossil fuels.

Advantages of Pelleting

  • Increased Calorific Value
  • Reduced transport cost
  • Environmentally friendly
  • CO2 neutral fuel
  • Improved bulk density
  • Better material handling characteristics
  • Destruction of deleterious organisms
  • Customer expectations
  • Feed dust/disease control
  • Better storage capabilities,
  • Lower gate fees, increased value