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Chain Conveyors

Chain conveyors, Screw conveyors, Z elevators, Bucket elevators and all other sorts of transportation devices provide the conveying transaction of the raw materials and productions between various machines and units within your factory.

Chain Conveyors?

  • Chain conveyors are a reliable choice for transporting unscreened or dusty biomass, or when the available space is limited.
  • Chain conveyors are the most productive and reliable solution to transport maximum 15 mm. sized granule, pulp goods, floury products and bulky materials vertically and horizontally.
  • It is suitable for high capacity (up to 325 m3/h) and long distance transports.
  • Chain conveyor consist of a rectangular tank that houses the operating chain. Upon the chain, there are transporter wings.
  • There can be several outlet connections in chain elevators. These connections are usually electrically or pneumatically controlled through sliding hatches

Also to be used for

  • Intake transport
  • Divide transport silo blocks

Features & Advantages

  • Long distance
  • High capacity
  • Dust proof
  • Self-cleaning
  • Fully enclosed
  • Flexible coupling
  • Gentle material handling and up to 50% of noise reduction
  • Custom-built, flexible and suitable for individual configuration
  • Gentle material handling and up to 50% of noise reduction
  • Long lifetime of the machine due to durable materials
  • Best solution in transportation of the most difficult bulk materials

How to make the best decision?

FEEDTECH Machinery Manufacturer suggests a wide range of transport options for products and raw materials. To make the best decision, the determinative factors should be taken into account like as;

  • The characteristics of the products or raw materials
  • The vertical and horizontal distance between units
  • The purpose of conveying
  • The capacity you targeted as m3/per hour
  • The space of your factory
  • Harmony with other devices in your plant
  • Expenses