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Dust Collection Systems

The grain and animal feed manufacturing process has always been an area of concern for combustible dust existence various units of the factory. Therefore, the NFPA has a standard specifically for this industry.

Explosions at grain and feed mill processing plants cause several deaths every year by explosions. Certainly, the feed manufacturer is especially exposed to such accidents because their materials are often in dust form and just need an ignition source to explode.

The best way to control dust and removing its danger at a feed processing plant (and the way recommended by NFPA and OSHA) is installing a dust collection system. However, handling all the dust in your facility is going to require a major investment… so, to feel comfortable if you get the best system in exchange for your money, do not hesitate in contact with us for consultancy.

The key to a safe, efficient system is having it designed by a company with experience in your industry.  FEEDTECH Machinery Manufacturer designs, produce and assemble the whole of de-dusting devices and equipment both as a tailored project in your factory or as a single device or unit.

Raw Material Intake Aspiration System

  • It is used to collect flying dust that occurred during loading, carrying, and unloading of feed and raw material in production processes.
  • In this way, waste losses and environmental pollution are prevented and any hazards are experienced as a result of the dust being squeezed.
  • The equipment collects flying dust, occurred in raw material discharging hole and send back to the system. According to form of raw material, it can be set on the opposite of discharge hole’s closest edge or three walls of discharge hole. Dust, collected from side and bottom entry, is drained again into bunker via poppet valve. In this way, the loss of raw material sourced by dust and pollution are prevented.

Feedtech Cyclone

Cyclone performs as a separator of dust collected from production process via fans and air. It runs with dust density and air speed providing dust to be returned to system, at the same time clean air to be thrown out of factory. Variable body size with different inlet and outlet dimensions is designed and manufactured according to your project’s requirement.

Feedtech Fan

FEEDTECH Fans are the main power source for entire dedusting and cooling systems in your plant. They are available with variable motor powers and body sizes with different inlet and outlet dimensions. The type of fan should be chosen due to the volume of the space where is planned to be covered by dedusting system.

Feedtech Spot Filter

Spot filters are used for direct dust aspiration in both horizontal and vertical conveyors.

Spot filters are used for efficient dedusting on elevators, chain conveyors and ship loaders. With filter bag lengths ranging from 1.5 to 3 m, we offer suitable solutions for a variety of applications. It provides to collect the dust in elevators and chain conveyors then send back to system.

does it work?

The slight negative pressure inside the spot filter draws off a small amount of air from the enclosed or semi-enclosed machine.


  • Increase safety of your plant by dedusting
  • Recycle the waste dust into the production
  • Provide a healthy environment for manpower

Types of Spot Filters

Check the following table comprising the most preferred three types of Spot Filter designed and manufactured by FEEDTECH, which are available with variable level of motor power, capacity and dimensions. You may have particular preference or requirements that will be considered and appreciated by FEEDTECH Engineering Team.