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Extrusion Systems

Extrusion in the manufacturing of human food and animal feed is a thermal operation applying both Extrusion-cooking which can be described as a process whereby moistened starchy and/or proteinaceous materials are cooked and worked into a viscous, plastic-like dough. This physical treatment combines the heating of food products with the act of extrusion, which could be defined, in a simple way, as the shaping of a material by forcing it through a specially designed opening.


The FEEDTECH extruders and expanders are used to produce a wide range of products like pet food, fish food, animal feed, grain and oilseed processing, densifying, expanded-feed production, conditioning and various industrial applications. The solid construction and the basically simple design guarantee years of trouble-free, economic production.

Extruders revive fish farming industry

Fish farming industry highly depends on a local fish feed producer; thus, it is both risky and expensive for local fish farmers to import fish feed. This is due to the fact that roughly 70% of the operational costs of a fish farm, arise from fish feeds. It is clear that an ordinary delaying in fish feeds import and delivery, means loss of the entire fish stock at the farm.

A local feed producer of high-quality fish feed thus enables fish farmers to increase the output and lower their production costs per kg. In short, a local fish feed manufacturing facility is an essential cornerstone of fish farming sector. It is essential to consider the feed characteristics for the specific species of fish and shell fish.

Therefore, extrusion is the heart-beat of an aquatic feed processing plant. Still it largely depends on a well-designed pre-extrusion and post-extrusion process to ensure the desired nutritional and physical outcome of the extruded final product is achieved.

Knowledge and understanding of the raw materials, both dry and wet (or fresh) to be used in formulations are of utmost importance in designing and specifying a process that will optimize extrusion performance. Pre-extrusion process design plays a key role in producing extruded aquatic feeds that are feed safe and environmentally friendly.


happens inside an extruder?

Starch granules undergo gelatinization and melting by the action of heat and moisture on hydrogen binding among tightly packed polysaccharide chains in the granule structure. Under conditions of excess water, hydrogen bindings in the less ordered amorphous regions of the granule are disrupted first, allowing water to associate with free hydroxyl-groups.  Swelling is the result and further opening of the granule structure to the action occurs.  Melting of the crystalline fraction results in complete disappearance of refringence, which is irreversible.

To be used produce


FEEDTECH Single-Screw Extruder

FEEDTECH offers unique, high-capacity single screw extrusion solutions for different applications to produce both pet food and aquafeed at minimum operating costs.


FEEDTECH Extruders Advantages

► Rigid construction/continuous operation
► Minimum space requirements
► V-belt or direct drive
► Easy cleaning
► High quality product
► Low cost of wear parts
► Easy to control
► Less downtime for maintenance

Expansion Control system (ECS) For increased bulk density

The FEEDTECH Expansion Control System (ECS) is a device with ability to control the bulk density of products while also optimizing product quality. The ECS concept is based on controlling the expansion in the extruder knife house without influencing the product quality. Thus, all desirable parameters can be used in the extruder without regard to expansion. The main focus here is product quality. By adding compressed air in the knife house, it is possible to control and adjust the pressure. This is made possible by mounting an airlock under the knife house. Increased pressure in the knife house results in a reduction of flash-off and thus, increases the bulk density up to 25%. This function enables the device to produce fast-sinking and slow sinking fish/shellfish food beside the floating fish food.