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Grinding Automation

Motor load automatically controlled by regulating feeder speed. Motor load set point is given in the recipe. During production operator can override the value set in the recipe. It is also possible to override automatic regulation of feeder speed so that a constant feeder speed is used.

System has a timer for keeping the duration since the last rotation change of the hammer mill and give a warning when the rotation change is necessary for equal wear of the hammers.

Screen size of current recipe being produced is shown on the screen. A warning is given when screen change time approaches.

Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) on feeder goes to “0” after every stop.

Hammer mill is driven by VFD with dual functionality as speed controller and soft starter.

PTC (Thermocouple inside the motor for early high temperature raise) is monitored by the system.

Filter cleaning (pulse/pause) controlled by automation system, not by a separate cleaning control unit. Cleaning should go on after grinding for about 2 minutes with fan off