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FeedTech Micro-Dosing System

High accuracy in dosing and weighing is significantly important for producing the required quality of the compound. At the same time, using the optimal and correct dose of the high-priced micro-elements in your operation. This approach not only prevents waste of money but also reduces production costs and increases the competitiveness of the producer in the market. The FEEDTECH dosing weighers designed to dose and weigh small quantities of ingredients, which are suitable for a wide range of products used in the animal feed milling industry. These ingredients may have different bulk densities and flowing characteristics.

FEEDTECH micro-dosing systems can include up to 34 dosing cells, each equipped with a screw feeder. Poorly flowing products can easily be assisted by a rotary discharge equipment. The screw feeders discharge into one, two or three weighers, depending on the total number of components.

The micro dosing system has two flexible rotary valves with a flexible connection which serves as an airlock. The separate bins are made of stainless -or mild steel and have a special inner layer for food products. The dosing screws can have different diameters. A larger screw is provided with a smaller screw underneath to achieve optimum accuracy. Works inline with the central charge system in modern feed plants.


-High accuracy in weighing
-Flexible formulation
-Fully automatic controlled process
-Dustproof design
-Bunkers made from stainless steel or steel ST37
-Fin-dosing feeder for maximum accuary
-Precise proportioning
-Good sanitation
-Reliable operation