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Mixing System Automation

All input coming from macro dosing, micro dosing and hand tipping elements are synchronized before entering mixer. When all the inputs are ready, they are taking into the mixer and dry mixing time starts. Dry and wet mixing times are set in the recipe.

Liquid addition in mixer

Maximum three liquids will be added in the mixer (oil, water/Fylax mixture and Fysal) controlled by flowmeter and VFD on pumps. The start time and the rate of liquid addition is set in the recipe. Always first the water/fylax mixture than the fysal and last the oil is added.

Continues liquid addition in molasses mixer

Liquid addition in molasses mixer is continues process. System calculates the rate of addition based on rate of mash flow through the molasses mixer. The rate of mash flow can be determined by measuring the volume capacity of line going into the molasses mixer. By using the density of the recipe, it is possible to calculate the weight capacity of the molasses mixer. With these values it is possible to add liquid based on volume or weight flow rate of mash through the molasses mixer.

Liquid addition rate is calculated. System continuously monitors liquid addition rate by flowmeters and keeps constant addition rate by using VFD controlled pumps.

In order to start adding liquids it is necessary to determine when mash starts to pass through the molasses mixer. This can be achieved by a sensor or by calculating the time it would take for mash to arrive into the molasses mixer.