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Rotary Discharger

From intake to final product suitable for:

to be used?

Unload/discharge raw materials and products like as powders or granules with poor flow characteristics from bins and silos.

does it work?

The structure consists of a fully enclosed cylindrical steel housing with a flange for securing the discharger to the bin outlet. The motor reducer, which is attached to the base with a flange and drives the rotor, is fitted with specially shaped blades. An electro-pneumatically operated discharge slide is provided for products with an uncontrolled manner in discharge stage.

Type of Rotary Discharger

Check the following table comprising the different types of Rotary Dischargers designed and manufactured by FEEDTECH, which are available with variable level of motor power, capacity and dimensions. You may have particular preference or requirements that will be considered and appreciated by FEEDTECH Engineering Team.