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Square Silo ( Design & Installation )

Our square silos can be built due to your project requirements in different sizes. They are used to store grains and mealy products at collection points and in warehouses. If preferred, silos can be supported by a calculated steel construction based on the specific requirements. The design and calculation will be worked out in the smallest detail and meet the European standards. Local regulations are also taken into account. Silo systems consist of various steel silo components that are assembled in a modular fashion layer by layer. The steel silo panels are used to create rectangular or square silo cells that enable optimum use of the available space. The standard panels are supplied in numerous dimensions. Combining partitions with different sizes supplies a wide range of possible cell sizes and consequently countless silo sizes.


Storage Capacity

Compared to circular silos, the smooth and flat wall silo offers up to 25% more loading storage capacity A square silo saves space, quite simply because the full surface area is used. Square is the right shape for maximum capacity for bulk goods.

A Wide Range of Applications and Sizes

Square silo is highly flexible since every silo cell is suitable for any bulk product. The system is suitable for many different agricultural products as the most effective solution for dry and granular bulk goods that are to be further processed into various types and grades.


FEEDTECH manufactures square silos varies from one project to another. So, the construction can be completely customized just as every plant is unique, so each silo structure is also unique. We produce every desired length, width, height and cell layout. Thanks to their modular construction FEEDTECH silos always fit in perfectly with your production process.


The square silos join into system as an integrate part of your plant and build around your process. For example, drying, grinding, pelletizing, mixing, dosing, bulk loading, refining, coating, cleaning and packing.


All parts that come into contact with the product are made from stainless steel, other parts are made from normal steel with a coating. Furthermore, our square silos are designed so to resist all applicable forces, calculated for a sustainable existence. It is also highly robust and strong with optional coated or stainless-steel walls.

Food Safety and Isolation

Our flat storage systems are completely enclosed. This keeps humidity out and prevents animals from accessing and contaminating the product. The cells keep products completely separate so, there is no risk of mixing of products between cells.

Adjustability & Easy Transportation with Modular Structure

The cell layout is designed to be adjustable to your requirements and your unique production process. The modular structure with variable cell dimensions makes it possible to store different products and grades, in different amounts and from several origins, at the same time in the same place. In short, maximum flexibility over a minimum surface area. In addition, square silos can be a structural part of the plant building. So, you do not need a separate building for your storage. Other parts, stairs and wall paneling can be connected directly to the silo in order to save your valuable plant space. The modular square silo system takes of separate flat parts that are mounted on site, so taking up a minimum amount of space, it can be transported very efficiently.

Easy Discharge

It facilitates and simplifies product discharge. You can also use square silos without a conveying system. Simply use a wheel loader instead. We also build each silo to fit your warehouse or collection center, so you can choose whichever size you need.

Square Silo ( Profiled Wall )

Complete Silo Blocks: 30 – 10,000 m³
Individual Silo Cells: 5 – 200 m³
Number of Silo Cells: 2 – 200 (or more)

The steel silo panels are used to create rectangular or square silo cells that enable optimum use of the available space. The standard panels are supplied in many widths. Combining partitions with different sizes supplies a wide range of possible cell sizes. In most cases the purpose of the silo determines the choice of design: the single-walled sheet piling or the double-walled system, which produces completely flat walls. The shared partitions of the silo cells compose a hygienic design in both systems without gaps.

Smooth Wall Silo

FEEDTECH also designs and manufactures silos with completely flat, smooth walls in modular system. Even the most difficult bulk products leave our smooth wall silos without any problem. A clever design ensures that there are no welding seams on the inside of the cell. Smooth-walled silos derive their strength from the same clever design.

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